Jeremy's Jamaica

You should stay at jakes place for a few days - amazing little hotel with a great restaurant that is in treasure bach on the south coast - reveiwed on TripAdvisor.

Then round the island to negril - Ricks Cafe is good there and there are loads of really nice small hotels (will try and find you the one with the cool little villas). negril also has 7 miles of sand beach and cliffs you can dive off.

then up to montego bay (seeing if a friend has a cottage he can rent you outside of the town which isn't really that nice a place to stay). during the day go to doctors cave beach which is lovely and if you are peckish eat at the pelican or the
which is a short cab drive away. there is also the best jerk house in jamaica out past the airport called scotchies, which is amazing - in this video, the daughter of the owners, Kelly Rerrie talks about Scotchies and Jamaican Jerk.

if you are feeling rich stay at half moon, which is just past scotchies. lovely hotel, amazing beaches (this is where robin and i hang out). we're too poor to actualyl afford to stay there!

then up round the coast to falmouth which is very historic and past there is bounty bay with a great kitesurfing beach and a place/beach called 'time and place' which does the best escovitch fish on the island, which you must try.

all along the north coast to ocho rios which is small but has some nice beaches and hotels for a couple of nights. further on is port antonio which is quiet small and kind'a nice. good beaches.

if you have time, go inland ot the blue mountains where the coffee comes from. some really amazing places to stay with stunnign views down over the island.

just don't go all inclusive, the food is much better outside of the gates and its a lovely country to be in. just avoid kingston.

my favourite places are jakes and scotchies. and rent a car if you can. the roads are mental but hte drive from negril to montego bay is great with some really nice little towns on hte way and the north highway from montego bay to ocho rios is some view.

there are tourist things to do like dunns river falls, touring the appleton rum estate but really, all you want is somewhere to relax, unwind and enjoy a cold red stripe, the sun and some good jamaican food. its not the sort of place to go haring around.

cheers, jeremy

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