Create your own expert guide

Create an expert guide in 7 easy steps

  1. Download the bookmarking widget here (this only works for Firefox - sorry)
  2. As you surf, bookmark your links using the Add button on your browser and making the names meaningful.
    HyperBK Add Button

  3. Use the Manager to create folders to sort your bookmarks into sub-topics

    HyperBK Manager

  4. From the Manager, click on the icon on the far right and select Export bookmarks. Select the folder that you want to publish.
  5. Browse to a location, type in your filename and select Netscape Bookmark File
  6. Click Next and save the file
  7. Email the file to me at and I will publish it here and send you back the URL so you can tell your friends
  8. If you want to add comments to your postings, from the Tools menu in your browser, select HyperBK and then HyperBK preferences.

    HyperBK Preferences Dropdown

  9. That will bring up a pop-up menu, select the second tab and then check the box for Use Bookmark Description

    HyperBK Preferences Pop-up