Who is 'Gammydodger'

I have been trying to cultivate an online version of myself with details accurate and up to date. Listed here are some of the places where my information can be accessed. As I examine each of these places, I notice that I held back on certain information such as my correct birthdate and actual mailing address, but I am still giving away a lot. The question is "am I giving away too much?"

Just in case I wasn't, I have gone further and published even more information about me here

Information about me on the surface web

Here is a short catalog of some of the information that I am comfortable with in the public domain:

Gammydodger on LinkedIn

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • High School
  • Undergraduate University
  • Postgraduate University
  • Career Summary detailing jobs since leaving college with employment dates
  • Recommendations from colleagues
  • Professional Network of around 150 contacts*

* information visible only to approved contacts inside LinkedIn

Gammydodger Twittering

  • Online name
  • City
  • State
  • Blog URL
  • what I am doing at any moment in time
  • my Twitterfriends

Gammydodger in Facebook

  • Firstname*
  • Lastname*
  • City and State*
  • Political leaning*
  • Movies I have seen*
  • Places I have been*
  • Blogs I follow*
  • My own blog URL*
  • Personal email
  • High School*
  • Photographs*
  • Facebook groups I have joined*
  • my Facebook friends

* information visible only to approved contacts inside Facebook


  • Food and restaurants around the world

Gammydodger Stumbling Upon

  • Links and tags to all of blog entries and articles that I found interesting and topical

Gammydodger's Technorati Profile

  • Link back to this blog

Gammydodger on OpenHuman

  • An online project where people really do expose themselves online - way more than I felt comfortable doing myself.